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Mission Statement

To make research more accessible for traditionally underrepresented groups while fostering an altruistic, collaborative community.


Publishing.  With our online platform, you are able to publish your academic papers or research studies with no hassle. As we grow, we plan to start an academic journal that captures the work of some of our brightest minds.


Education. Through our student-to-student mentoring, students learn different ways to perform research. We also plan to hold workshops for folks looking to advance their careers to attend graduate school. 


Research. You are the primary investigator. through our posted projects, you are able to work with a team of students to produce original research. As time passes, we also aim to have a research (think TED talks) conference where you can show off what you’ve found.


Funding. Research can be costly, and funding may not be too easy to get. As we grow, we look to fund students’ research projects as a way to make research affordable.

You Have Proof

Looking for a job or looking to attend graduate school? When you publish with us, you create a portfolio for prospective people to see the work you’ve done. In this day and age where communication is key, having writing samples demonstrates your strengths.

We Create



While you collaborate with others, you learn how to work within a team. Teamwork these days is an invaluable skill for many jobs. Need to learn new skills, or a beginner with research? We pair you with experienced students so you can learn while you succeed!

Sweet Freedom

You choose at which rate you publish your work. If you publish one piece ever, awesome. If you pump our research every two weeks, fantastic. There’s no time pressure to publish your work. We want your very best, and that can take some time.

Search Engine

We have a database with all undergraduate research compiled across all undergraduate academic journals. Tap into the insights of students– you may learn some stellar things.

No Fees

You do not have to pay to access our resources. No monthly fees. No publishing fees. Previous research published on our site does not require a subscription to access, either.

Our Current Researchers