news_keywords Mentors - PROSEED

We are grateful to our mentors for their help in fulfilling our vision.

Sandra Crawford


Currently a professor of sociology at the University of Rodham-Clark. My research interests are gentrification impact, food justice and security, healthcare for minorities.

Daniel Shay


Assistant professor of computer science. RIT class of ’17. I enjoy data structures and greedy algorithms.

Lauren Hillstrom


TA for the school of journalism at the University of Waelens. Currently in my fourth year of my PhD program. My dissertation is on how high fashion negatively impacts those in the lower class.

Linda Franchella


Lecturer at Crownmell College. When I’m not teaching my class on avionics, I like to drop into my Haviland and fly myself over the coast.

This is a mock up page currently used to present ProSeed to faculty members.