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  • The Hypocrisy of the UN: Russia’s Invasion of the Crimean Peninsula

    The Hypocrisy of the UN: Russia’s Invasion of the Crimean Peninsula0

    The United Nations Security Council was created with the intention to maintain international peace and uphold the integrity of the sovereign nations it defends. Ironically, Russia, one of the five members of the Security Council, violated the sovereignty of Ukraine, as well as other core aspects of international law when it annexed the Crimean Peninsula.

  • Why #BlackLivesMatter, Matter.

    Why #BlackLivesMatter, Matter.0

    Americans have long boasted of their rich history as a democratic institution. However, we tend to ignore the institution of slavery; we often gloss over such inhumanities by mentioning the Civil War, Emancipation and later, the Civil Rights Movement in justifying that it has fulfilled its duty in addressing the oppression of the Black community.

  • Frederick Douglass’s Anti-Slavery Stance in

    Frederick Douglass’s Anti-Slavery Stance in0

    First published in 1855, My Bondage and My Freedom is an autobiography by Fredrick Douglass starting at the point that he was a slave, then a fugitive, and ends as a free man fighting against slavery in the America. He believed in the equality of all men and women, and challenged the racial prejudice through his own work and accomplishments.